2 December at RIFF: The Italian Docs “Cicliste Per Caso”: an on the road across the USA; from Naples “La Conversione”; on life after prison; and the feature film “La For-taleza”: A Window On Venezuela. Extra short films from all around the World!

At 4:20 pm for the International Shorts: “OsWorld” by Philip Hedegaard Povlsen (Denmark), Quand elle tombe by R. Dumont & A. Ryan (Canada), “The handyman” by Nicholas Clifford (Australia), “The invasion” by Dante Rustav (Uzbekistan), “The woman of the house” by Felipe Espinosa (Spain).

At 6:20 pm for Italian documentaries in competition: “Cicliste per Caso – Grizzly Tour” by Silvia Gottardi, Italian premiere. The documentary tells the journey of two women across the United States, from Canada to Mexico along the Great Divide. A unique adventure through the most remote areas of the rocky mountains, between nature and wild animals. An epic journey that leads them to travel thousands of kilometers, forcing them to measure themselves against their limits and testing their bonds: because every journey is basically a love story.

Directed by Silvia Gottardi, former basketball player of the Italian national team, blogger, filmmaker and tireless traveler.

At 8:10 pm some space will be given to Feature Films in competition: La Fortaleza by Jorge Thielen-Armand (Venezuela/France/Colombia/Holland), Italian premiere. When riots erupt in Venezuela’s capital, Roque heads to the Amazon jungle to restore the abandoned shelter he built during better days. While the jungle surrounds him, his friends encourage him to resume bad habits with the promise of finding gold.

At 10:10 pm the Italian Shorts “Eroi perduti” by Lorenzo Giroffi, “Faceboom – la grande pioggia” by Massimo Fanelli, “Amor fati” by Luca Immesi and “The recycling man” by Carlo Ballauri.

At 4:00 pm the Student Shorts: “Into the night” by Sergiu Zorger (Romania/Germany), “Masel tov cocktail” by Arkaidj Khaet & Mickey Paatzsch (Germany) and “Now that you’re mine” by Petra Lumioksa (Finland).

At 6:00 pm there will be some space dedicated to animated shorts from all over the world. “First Born” by Justin Bruce Lee (USA), Freeze Frame” by Soetkin Verstegen (Belgium/Germany), “Heal” by Ysabel Li (USA), “Memories” by Stefano Bertelli (Italy), “Releasing Spell” by Markéta Magidová (Czech Republic), “Sad Beauty by Arjan Brentjes (Holland), “Something Borrowed” by Michaela Wozny (UK), “The parrot lady” by Michalis Kalopaidis (Cyprus), “To the dusty sea” by Héloïse Ferlay (France) and “Way of Sylvie” by Verica Pospíšilová Kordić (Czech Republic).

To the dusty sea di Héloïse Ferlay (Francia), Way of sylvie di Verica Pospíšilová Kordić (Repubblica Ceca).

At 8:00 pm the documentary “La Conversione” by Giovanni Meola (Italian premiere) will close the day. Peppe, an ex-convict with 30 years in prison, now a playwright and actor, and the ex-manager Vincenzo, tell the audience about themselves starting from writing, which has allowed them to reconvert lives that have reached an unsustainable crossroad.

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Other RIFF news

The winners of the XIX Edition of RIFF – Rome Independent Film Festival have been announced: Havel by Slávek Horák is the Best Feature Film, special mention to La Fortaleza by Jorge Thielen-Armand. Zheng by Giacomo Sebastiani is the Best Italian Short, The Recycling Man by Carlo Ballauri Won the Rai Cinema Channel Award.

The jury, called to evaluate the finalists, is composed of: Fabrizio Lucci (director of photography), Anselma Dell’Olio (director and critic), Lino Guanciale (actor), Lapo Gresleri (movie critic), Patricia Mayorga Marcos (Chilean journalist), Ahmed Ejaz (Pakistani journalist), Stefano Ratchev (musician and film composer). Havel by Slávek