Finalist Italian documentaries announced. The best independent cinema in 10 premieres.

For all cinema lovers: this is an edition not to be missed. 10 titles for a journey into current events and beyond, accompanied by the most brilliant filmmakers on the independent scene.

“A riveder le stelle” by Emanuele Caruso, soon to be released in theaters, it is now available to RIFF audiences. A 7-day long journey with 5 exceptional travelers, including Maya Sansa. We also find “La mia storia si perde e si confonde”, by Daniele Gaglianone (David di Donatello) & Imogen Kusch, inspired by a Borges’ tale. Dario Aita is in the cast. “Cicliste per caso” by the ex national basketball player Silvia Gottardi, tells of an epic female venture among the breathtaking landscapes of the Great Divide. “Viaggio attraverso la Città Possibile” by Eugenio Corsetti & Emiliano Monaco takes us back to the streets of the capital, to see it as you’ve never seen it through the lens of three brilliant photographers. Also, “Under the Skin – In Conversation with Anish Kapoor” (Best Director 2020 at FAFF); a fascinating portrait of the well-known artist, signed by the original Martina Margaux Cozzi. The journey into art continues with “Makarìa” by Giulia Attanasio, which leads us through the splendid lands of Salento, between music and tradition, accompanied by an extraordinary protagonist. For lovers of hot news, “La Conversione” by Giovanni Meola, to discover the secret that unites an ex convict and an ex manager of the Italian banking system. The Roman artist Patrizia Fregonese de Filippo wonders “Che fine hanno fatto i sogni?” with a work between past and present that involves young people and historical names such as Liliana Cavani. History is once again the protagonist with “Il Direttore” by Maurizio Orlandi, which takes us back to the 1970s, narrated through an intimate perspective. Finally, a visionary tribute to cinema and all its audiences with “Cinematti – Una storia folle”, by Giacomo R. Bartocci, on the largest Italian web community.


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2 December at RIFF: The Italian Docs “Cicliste Per Caso”: an on the road across the USA; from Naples “La Conversione”; on life after prison; and the feature film “La For-taleza”: A Window On Venezuela. Extra short films from all around the World!

At 4:20 pm for the International Shorts: “OsWorld” by Philip Hedegaard Povlsen (Denmark), “Quand elle tombe” by R. Dumont & A. Ryan (Canada), “The handyman” by Nicholas Clifford (Australia), “The invasion” by Dante Rustav (Uzbekistan), “The woman of the house” by Felipe Espinosa (Spain). At

Foretasting the program of December 1st: the awaited Italian premiere Doc “Darryl Jones: In The Blood” on the Famous Bassist of the Rolling Stones; For the Feature Films in Competition: “Fires in the Dark”, European Premiere. At 10 pm the usual ap-pointment with some Made In Italy Shorts.

Fifth day of the RIFF online on! Tuesday 1st December is a day full of screenings! At 6:20 pm, for the International Documentaries in Competition we will find “Darryl Jones: In the Blood” by Eric Hamburg, USA, 2020 (Italian premiere). A documentary on the

This week starts with a breathtaking program: “A riveder le stelle”, On the Biggest Wilderness Area In Europe “La Val Grande” and the film “Angie: Lost Girls” (Europe-an Premiere), A Raw Story of Adolescence, Directed by Julia Verdin, Producer of More Than 30 Films Including The Merchant of Venice with Al Pacino

Monday 30th November at 4:20 pm: some space dedicated to International shorts in competition with: “Consolation” by Lina Asadullina (Russia), “Decent People” by Maxime Roy (France), “El remanso” by Sebastián Valencia Muñoz (Colombia) and “How Scared She Was” by Alessandro Repetti (United Kingdom/Italy). At 6:20