Winner of the 17th edition “We” by Rene Eller. Special mention to Alina Serban for “Alone at my wedding” and to Enrique Castro Rios for “Decembers”.


Winner of the 17th edition “We” by Rene Eller. Special mention to Alina Serban for “Alone at my wedding” and to Enrique Castro Rios for “Decembers”.

In the documentary selection winners are:  “Amaranth”, “The Fifth Sun” on the Italian front and “This is Love” on the international one.

“Aleksia” and “In the name of Strawberry the Chocolate and the Holy Spirit” won in the short films selection.

We are announcing the winners of the seventeenth edition of the RIFF – Rome Independent Film Festival which took place from 16 to 23 November at . Nuovo Cinema Aquila at Pigneto. Over 25 world premieres and 10 European premieres were presented, and over 90 works previewed in Italy.

For the feature film section the film “We” by dutch director Rene Eller, adaptation of the eponymous and controversial novel “Wij” by Elvis Peeters that opened the Festival, with the following motivation: “For how it was filmed, edited and directed involving the spectator also thanks to the editing of Wouter Van Luijn in the story, so that you cannot stop watching it until the very  end to understand the reasons that pushed the characters so young to make the choices that determine the story of the film”.

A special mention for the interpretation goes to Serban for the film Alone at my wedding by Marta Bergman, “for the ability to drag the viewer with the strength and power of his never banal interpretation. In this way, the actress transmits her emotions at all levels to the viewer without being distracted by the story. “Alina Serban plays Pamela, a young Roma different from all the others in her community.

A special mention for the screenplay goes to Enrique Castro Rios for the film Decembers, “for the original script writing, telling the same story from three different optics of well-defined characters”. Decembers revolves around the American invasion of Panama in 1989 and the reconciliation among the survivors a decade later.

For the Italian documentary section, they winners are ex aequo Amaranto by Emanuela Moroni and Manuela Cannone and The Fifth Sun by Cristiana Pecci and Matteo Maggi.

On the international documentary front wins This is Love by John Alexander that tells the life of the obscure soul singer Rudy Love, an unknown author of one of the most played songs in the history of music. The doc focuses on the power that has been exercised, for decades, by often unconscious listeners. His figure re-emerges thanks to the testimony of George Clinton and Jay Z and many others that reveal an unsung hero of the soul.

Best Short Film in the Italian selection the winner is Aleksia by Loris di Pasquale focused on an adolescent struggling with the concerns of unwanted motherhood.

A special mention goes to Per Sempre by Alessio Di Cosimo with the participation of Lou Castel in the shoes of an old painter who lives in solitude in his small house facing the sea with a morning routine that breaks on a special and important day for him. That day has a task, like every year, always and forever its only reason for living.

For the International short section, Karla Lulić’s In the name of Strawberry the Chocolate and the Holy Spirit starring a devoted priest in a village full of Christian fanatics who, on Sunday, after Mass, wants an ice cream and will do anything for this simple pleasure, even at the cost of one’s faith.

For the short films section realized by students, winner is Croste di Polenta by Emanuele Bonomi set in the South Tyrol of 1915: two friends want to desert the Imperial Army’s call to arms, but the conflict is getting closer and closer and the two boys will have to face the consequences. A story about lost innocence, forgotten traditions and choices that change life.

Finally, for the Short Animation section, O’Neil Burgi’s Cat Noir wins, talks about a letter, a broken heart, the sound of rain, a black cat and a piano.

The RIFF – Rome Independent Film Festival, conceived and directed by Fabrizio Ferrari, is realized with the contribution and patronage of the General Directorate Cinema – Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, of the Department of Culture and Youth Policies of the Lazio Region . The initiative is part of the program of Contemporary Roma 2018 promoted and supported by Roma Capitale Department for Cultural Growth and in collaboration with SIAE.

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